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The Do's and Don'ts of Content Marketing

As I was driving earlier, I noticed a red truck in front of me with information about their business along with their phone number on the back of their truck bed. The driver was marketing a roofing company. The only issue was, the text was hard to read and it just so happened to be for a service someone I personally knew needed.

It happened to have been raining a few days ago, and a property owner I know realized they had a leak in their roof, but they had not done anything about it yet.

If you know me, then you know I’m all about connecting people to resources to help them live more informed, inspired, or overall better lives.

My challenge was this...

As the traffic light turned green and the company hurriedly gassed further and further away, I could not make out what the number was and I had to make a turn in to my destination…

And then I wondered - if I’m having this issue, how many more of his perfect-fit people could he be potentially losing on a daily basis?

And the thing is, it can be solved with a simple fix.

Here’s what we all can learn from this…

1. If you’re going to market, make sure you’re visible -- otherwise, throw the whole campaign away. Although the words were definitely large enough, the color of the words the driver used blended in with the color of the truck. I could read the text when we were at a standstill at the light, but the second we were in motion, I couldn’t catch the number and didn’t remember the name of the company.

2. Be bold. While you don’t have to be loud and in someone’s face in order for them to notice you, you do have to get their attention and be distinguishable among the crowd. If you don’t have their attention, you definitely won’t have their money either. Be bold to catch the attention of the people who need you.

3. Have an easy-to-digest message. I was only behind him for a few short seconds, but in that short amount of time, I was able to quickly skim over his messaging, which was clear and straight to the point. Also, in that short amount of time, I was also able to recognize that pain point he was solving through his business and immediately think of someone who would be a good fit for his services. When someone needs to know what you do, practice getting straight to the point.

4. Have a clear call to action. With any marketing campaign you invest in, it’s always a good idea to include a call to action at the end. People need to know what they should do next in order to move closer to what they are desiring. Otherwise, what good is it to just see someone who offers a service. Because he had a call to action, I was preparing to take action and jot down the number to recommend someone to his business. Without a call to action, you are leaving money on the table.

So yes, the driver did some things right, but they also did some big things wrong. Don’t lose out on potential business because of visibility or clarity issues.

Practice being in the mind of your consumers and make sure you’re giving them what they need at the level they need it. Also, help make it easy for them to take the next steps towards doing business with you.

If you like these tips, you would love the free guide: “25 Ways to Stay Booked with Customers (Daily Actions)”.

If this is resonating with you and you are feeling called to take the next step towards working with me to get your content done for you, then I want to invite you to listen to that inner prompting you felt and get started here so we can help you get the support you need.

As always, my heart is to help you win. However, only take this step if you feel like you’re ready and you feel like you have what it takes. While I am passionate about helping as many people as I can, I only work with those who are ready and committed to their own success.

The help you need is within reach. Take the next step by getting started here to see if we’ll be a good fit.

All the best.


About the author:

Hi, I’m Jasmine – copywriter and certified Content Marketing Strategist. For over 8 years, I’ve been helping businesses create content that's clear and true to their authentic voice, helps them gain visibility, attracts their ideal clients, and grows their business!

I realized in my own business (and with my clients), the right words meshed with the right systems can be a game-changer.

That's why I teach people how to have freedom in their business by leveraging content and their brand's messaging to attract their most valuable payers (without losing themselves, sleep, or sanity). Learn more.


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