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How to make sales fast

Sometimes you just need to make a sale fast. That could be to hit a specific income goal you’re so close to crossing, to come up with quick cash to pay for an unexpected expense, or maybe even just to prove to yourself that you can because selling is like a game and it’s easy and fun to do.

Whatever the case is for you, it is very possible to make sales fast assuming you already know your audience, have an understanding of the value you bring to the marketplace and believe in yourself.

Here’s how to make sales fast:

Show up and ask for the sale - As obvious of an answer this is, you’d be surprised by how many people haven’t made a sale because they’ve been too much in their head about it or they’ve been focused on tasks that don’t actually add to the bottom line. If you want to make sales fast, the first thing you need to do is to show up. Show up in person, online, or wherever your ideal clients reside to #1 let them know you exist and #2 let them know you have a solution to a problem or desire they’re looking to have met.

Don’t just one and done - With as much noise as there is going on online coupled with life’s responsibilities and demands that happen offline, posting once and never reminding your people again isn’t going to cut it when you’re after sales. We are all inundated with so much information throughout the day from the moment we wake up and roll out of the bed with our phones in tow until the late hours of the night when we catch up on what’s going on on the news or Facebook or the ‘gram. Statistics show that people need to see information 6-7 times before they take action. Remind your people about your offer in multiple ways on multiple days to improve your chances of getting more sales more often.

Ante up the distribution - Sometimes all it takes to get a new sale is sharing some of your best or most popular content to new audiences or in new places. Have you only been posting your content to one place? If so, in what way can you grow your community? Could you benefit from publishing your content on another platform? If so, do you have existing content that you can start repurposing? There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you are focusing on anteing up the distribution. Pick the content you already have that tends to perform better than others. And whatever you share, just make sure it’s timely, relevant, and valuable to the people who need it most.

Remarket to previous clients - It’s a lot easier to sell to customers you’ve already gained than trying to sell to and convert a completely new audience. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you’re continuing to nurture your audience with valuable content so you can stay top of mind whenever they’re ready to buy. Also, when you want to make a sale fast, try offering something new to your previous clients, offering them an incentive as a bonus, or offering something old they can repurchase. You may even offer a flash sale or an affiliate commission for sending business your way.

Follow up with people who’ve previously inquired - Warm leads are always great places to start. Sometimes people just need more time, a reminder, or a better-fit offer. Is there anyone who’s reached out to do business with you that hasn’t yet pulled the plug to buy? Have you followed up with them to answer any lingering questions they may have or offer them another option that might be a better fit? Think about what conversation you could strike up with them or what content you can put in front of them to move them towards taking the next step to doing business with you.

In the long-term, it’s always a great idea to keep your pipeline full. This means making it a regular routine and habit to attract, nurture, and inspire more conversions to bring in a constant flow of new leads generated and sales closed. Keep your pipeline full by practicing taking action on some of the ideas we named above. In a nutshell, you’ll want to make sure you’re showing up consistently, asking for the sale, growing your reach, and remarketing and following up with people who’ve already gotten to know you.

Good luck!

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