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How to get content done from start to finish

The process of creating content and getting it out there can be a doozy. When this is not your forte’, it can seem like so much heavy lifting is needed right from the beginning starting from just even having the thought and mental bandwidth to be creative and then the energy and motivation to “sit yourself down to write”. And let’s not forget having the tact and strategy to make sure it’s getting out there and seen in front of the right set of people. Sheesh Louise.

So what do you do when you have a million and one ideas floating around in your head and you start to feel overwhelmed with all the different content you need to create for your sales page, social media captions, email sequences, content for your group, online training program, clients, etc.? How you will go about organizing it and posting it across the different platforms?

If you want to learn how to organize your ideas and get content done from start to finish, here’s a process that’s been working for me in my 10+ years of being a content creator and professional writer.

Jot down all of your ideas. As obvious as a first step this is, you’d be surprised how much more relief and productivity you feel once you finally just get what’s been cluttering your mind out of your head. Take a moment to flush out all of your ideas and get it down on paper or written form. I’m old school, so I like the traditional way of simply putting pen to paper. However, when working with teams, I prefer to create a list in Trello to help me stay organized and see everything visually all in one place when it comes to the different ideas, where they are in the process, who’s doing what, and what’s done, done.

Decide where you will be posting your content. Having the ideas written down is the first step, but having clarity over where the ideas will live is also an important part of the equation. Will you be creating a blog, social media post, email, podcast episode, video, etc. or a combination of them all? I like starting with one piece of content and turning it into many. If you will need content types for more than one platform, decide how you can repurpose each idea across multiple platforms so you can be sure to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s with less work.

Create a content workflow. Having a process in place for how you will go about creating content from start to finish and knowing what you will do with it once it’s been created is what I’m calling a content workflow. This is basically a checklist of action items you need to complete in order to not only create content but also publish it and distribute your content across all the different platforms you need so you can be sure it reaches your audience.

Batch out tasks. As much as we would like to hope we can pick up new habits at the drop of a dime, sometimes the best way to make sure you get things done consistently is to batch out specific tasks all at once. I like to designate a specific day of the week or month for accomplishing specific tasks. You may opt to have one day where you focus on brainstorming your ideas, another day that’s strictly focused on filming, and another day specifically for creating the copy for the month or quarter, etc.

Work your systems. Having a process in place that empowers you to get your content done from start to finish helps make life easier and helps you stay consistent so you can continue to grow your business with ease and flow. While it’s definitely possible to tackle all of the areas I mentioned on your own, if you want to be more efficient and if you know you’re better at coming up with the ideas, but don’t have time to tackle any of the other areas (or they’re not your strong suit), then it’s better to outsource and assign those roles to people you trust and believe are good fits. Companies need systems and the right people in the right positions in order to thrive. Don’t be shy when it comes to getting the help you need if you need it. The life of death of your business depends on it.

At BTM Writing Services, we offer copywriting and content marketing support to busy entrepreneurs who need "done for you" content to have an active website, blogs, email, and social media presence so they can be set up for success online.

And the best part is, we've streamlined the process so you spend:

2-mins. completing a project application form,

30-mins. on a call if you have questions and to talk options,

If you enroll,

3-mins taking a Voice Personality Quiz

and 90-mins. on a Brainstorming session.

And boom. That's it on your end. 2 weeks later, you can get the content delivered to you. You let us know if it's approved or we can bounce back and forth with revisions if necessary.

And that's it. It's that easy to get the content you need "done for you" so that you start attracting, nurturing, and inspiring your ideal clients to take the next steps towards doing business with you. Get started today, here.


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