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Over trying to DIY? Get copywriting "Done for You" in 93-mins.

Stuck on content and ready for an *active* website, blog, email, or social media presence?

Let me guess. You’re good at what you do (offline). You shine like the star you are in real life, on Zoom, on the phone, or wherever you serve your real clients – whenever they finally say yes.


You’re good at communicating. It’s just A.) You’re not "a writer" and/or B.) You don’t have the TIME to pump out content all willy-nilly.

Plus, you’re at a point where you’re tired of DIY and doing it wrong. And your whole body (head, heart and gut) is READY for your online presence to finally match the vibes, vision, and value you know you bring your people in real life.


You’re DONE spending time (time you don’t have) working on a laundry list of content like:

  • Updating your website

  • Writing a killer sales page

  • Making sure your email list gets talked to

  • Writing a new blog post to boost your website traffic

  • Pumping out endless content to feed the hungry social media gobblins

  • Yada yada ya. It doesn’t end.


You’d RATHER spend that same time growing your business, servicing your clients, and getting back to the areas in your life (outside of business) that matter most.


Which leads you here, right?

Here at BTM Writing Services, you can get confidence over your content starting today  …and in 93-mins*!

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu

What "Done for You" Clients are Saying...

"Jasmine - You are a lifesaver!! I don't know what I would have done without you! Your patience and work ethic is top notch! I truly admire your dedication to your client's needs, your professionalism, and timeliness. Thank you for meeting all of my needs and I look forward to working with you again!"

-Aretha Dix, Healthcare Administrative & Resilience Coach


"We set our standards early not knowing the bar would be raised by Jasmine. I thank God we met lol"

- Riko Harris, Founder of iPUSH magazine


"Jasmine this is wonderful! Thank you so much! I loved it all. Your work has really impressed me. Wow.”

- Cassandra Freeman, inspirational speaker


"Jasmine, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your professional assistance with helping to make the "Tribute to a Trailblazer" event a success. Your professional writing and computer skills really made a significant difference in the entire process. Please know that your contribution with this event will never go unnoticed.”

- Sheyann Webb-Christburg, civil rights activist


“Your work with Stacks Magazine was timely and stayed within the confines of what we requested for content. Throughout your time spent, communication with the publisher was very professional as well.”

- Bels, Publisher of Stacks Magazine


“When I initially contacted Jasmine, I knew that I had a desire to produce more content, but I struggled with organizing my thoughts and knowing where to focus. Jasmine was instrumental in listening to my vision, asking me deeper questions and formulating a solid content plan. I loved how she took the time to learn me before offering her expertise. But when she gave her expertise, it was exactly what I needed at that time. I highly recommend Jasmine.”

- Tasha M Scott, Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach


This solution is for you if….

This solution is not for you if…


  • You’ve been wondering of a better way to go about creating the content you need for your business.

  • You’ve been looking for help cleaning up your messages and transforming your content so it can be stronger, more heartfelt, strategic, attractive, and clear.

  • You’re looking to take back some of the weeks (or months) you’ve spent being stuck and overwhelmed; and ready to let go of whatever’s holding you back so you can step into your next level.

  • You are serious about your brand and motivated to do whatever it takes to see it through to success.

  • You are motivated to re-invest back into your business so you can see its’ full growth and potential.

  • You dream of crafting something that communicates your message to your ideal clients in a way that connects with them authentically while helping you gain visibility and generate cash.

  • You’re ready to let go of the old and say hello to the dream version of your business – the one that has a team backing you and taking the load off your already busy schedule.

  • You have a brand (and sanity) worth fighting for, and you’re an action taker who’s ready to step into the next level version of yourself and your business.


  • You’re looking for the cheapest route.

  • You expect to get rich overnight.

  • You give up easily and are not serious about doing something about your situation. A.K.A. You talk yourself out of things instead of talking yourself into the things you say you want and need.

  • You don’t care about quality and don’t care to understand the value of doing so.

  • You suffer from excuse-itis and are not willing to invest in yourself or your business.

  • You’re missing the mark in a really big way, and you’re not ready to prioritize your content needs.

  • You have no sense of urgency when it comes to taking action towards the goals YOU SAY you have for your business. In other words, you have no determination. You put everything off into the future.

  • You’re not ready to get out of your comfort zone so you can see transformational results.



If you are interested in working together, here’s how it works.


  • Step 1. Click "Apply now" to complete the project application form (2-mins).

  • Step 2. You’ll be directed to answer a few questions to help me better understand where you are, the level of support you’re looking for, and if I can support your needs.  (I don’t want to waste either one of our time. I know it’s precious!)

  • Step 3.  You can schedule a 30-min. call to discuss your business, goals, AND options more in-depth. Plus, we can both get any additional questions answered at that time to see if we’d be a good fit for each other before taking any next steps.

  • Step 4. At that time, if you decide to work with me, I’ll share with you the enrollment information to get started. If you aren’t a good fit, I’ll be happy to share other resources to help point you in the direction to get you what you need.

  • Step 5. After you enroll, you'll get the link to schedule our 90-minute Brainstorming session and take a 3-min. Voice Personality Quiz.

  • Step 6. Then two weeks later, get an email notifying you that “Your Content is Now Ready for Review”. You let me know if it's approved or we can bounce back and forth with revisions, if necessary.


And boom! That’s it. Content done for you.

That’s right.


If 93 mins. was all the time you needed to invest in order to your end your content problems once and for all, would you jump at the option?

The truth is…. You CAN have more time, mental bandwidth, peace of mind AND profits as a result of working with us. 


Imagine running your business with a team of others who are good at what they do, where you won't have to feel desperate, deserted, or defeated because we’re now working together. 


  • Our clients complete a Project Application Form (Takes 2 mins.)

  • Afterwards, we can hop on a call (for about 30 mins.) to discuss options and get any additional questions answered.


If you decide to enroll, 


  • Spend 90 mins. on a Brainstorming Call and 3 mins. taking a Voice Personality Quiz. Then boom. Two weeks later, get an email notifying you that “Your Content is Now Ready for Review”.


That could be content for your 5-page website, an email sequence, blog posts, and a month of social media captions all ready to copy/paste and post. 


You name it. 


At BTM Writing Services, find out how you can get consistent and client attractive content for your website and beyond! 


Ready to get started?

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