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Questions to ask when your content isn’t working

Has this ever happened to you? You spent hours talking yourself into sitting down to post, maybe another hour actually creating the content to post, finding the image, writing the caption, and then scheduling it out. You do it. Pat yourself on the back. And then crickets. Very few likes. Little to no engagement. No DMs. No new leads. No sales. Crickets.

The worst.

And then you’ll have to do it all over again. Because... consistency.

Only next time it has to be even better and good quality content. But you don’t know where to start or where to focus to write copy that converts.

When your content isn’t performing well, there are a number of questions you’ll want to ask to help get things back on track. Before you create your next piece of content and it flops, ask yourself these questions to get your content to start working for you.


Am I adding value?

If we’re being 100% honest, no one actually cares about all of your achievements (except maybe mom and dad). The rest of the world and especially your ideal audience cares about what’s in it for them. When creating content and writing copy to market your business on social media, email, and your website to name a few, you’ll want to make sure you’re adding value in some way to your audience --- especially if you’re after their most precious commodity, their time and attention.

Am I being clear about what I do?

So here’s the thing: When you want your content to start working, the people who are consuming it need to clearly understand what the heck you actually do. A confused mind will always say no. They need to clearly see that you are someone who can help them get what they’re wanting, needing, or desiring. The only way that can be established? By you being clear about what you do. This question should be answered spot on. In less than 7 secs.

Am I being clear about what I offer and how I can help?

To bring things one step closer to doing business with you, you have to make their jobs a lot easier. How can you do this? By being clear about what you offer and how you can help them. Yes, your audience can see that you’re a coach or an accountant, but if you want your content to perform even better, you’ll want to start communicating the value of your offers and the value of doing business with you. What do you offer? What does it include? How will it help? How does it work? Make it plain so the people can understand how their lives can change as a result of doing business with you.

Am I being clear about who I help?

I feel so cliche by even having to mention this, but I will say it louder for the people in the back who may have not yet learned this: When it comes to content and copywriting, if you speak to everyone, you reach no one. Pick a side. Who is your ideal? What makes them your ideal? Call them out when you are writing copy for sales and marketing. Help them see that you get who they are, you are not like the others, and you are the solution to what they’ve been praying for all along.

Am I clear on what my audience really wants?

Rule #1: Know your audience. Can you honestly say you do? How can you be so sure? You see, if you want your content to work, this is the most important factor we’ve mentioned today above all of these listed here. If you don’t know what your audience really wants, none of the others will matter. Your content works when you are at the end of the day offering your audience something they want, need, and desire. When you understand them in such a way that they know you know what they’re going through and they appreciate you helping them feel better or get better as they are moving through their journey.

When you get clear on what your audience *actually* wants and the rest of your messaging clearly positions you as the authority they need to see, you will see more engagement, more direct messages, more leads, and more sales flowing into your business because you’ve begun to master the art of client-attraction through copywriting and content marketing strategies.

If this information is resonating with you and you are open to exploring how you can get personalized support to get set up for success online, click here to explore options. The help you need is within reach. Get set up for success online to grow your business starting today.


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