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How to get over writer’s block

When it comes to creating content, there is always more than one way to get the information out there. The stuck energy we call writer's block usually comes from one of two places. Sometimes it’s a low energy thing and you need help moving through perfectionism-led procrastination. Other times it’s more of an overwhelming feeling that you are working to overcome because you feel like the process that you’ve been using has been too hard, so you’ve built up a bit of resistance towards it.

Either way, regardless of why you have writer’s block, I’m going to share with you methods that you can implement starting now to help make the process of getting out your first draft a lot painless for you. Writing can be fun and it can be easy and effortless. I’m going to share with you how you can get the help you need regardless of how much time you have to pump out writing your content.

Moving through low energy

If getting over the hump of writer’s block for you is more of an energy thing, you would love this news. Your solution? It’s time to have fun! You should take a break to go for a walk or run. You can read, watch TV, take a nap, or do something that you define as self care. But while you’re doing that, be on the lookout for inspiration all around. What lessons can you learn from watching birds flying in formation at the park? What memory does the fresh smell of lavender or cinnamon strike up for you? You have to go with the flow and do what feels good to take the pressure off and ease your way into feeling better about the task you are preparing to tackle. You may even find that playing music will help put you in good spirits to write.

Ease your way into it by saying you will commit to spending 2 or 3 hours on it and whatever happens in that 2 or 3 hours is whatever happens. For you, you have built up a resistance around writing because you don’t have structure around your writing process. You have to give yourself a time limit to focus on it and a stopping point for when you will clock out. To set yourself up for success going forward, when you know you have a project coming up, start working on it sooner rather than later. If something is due in five days or in two weeks and you know you have a history of getting writer's block, block off the time in your calendar whether it’s 30 minutes a day or an hour a week. Set aside the time you need where you will be intentional about typing up whatever comes to mind during that time frame around the project that you’re wanting to complete.

How to Overcome Procrastination When You’re a Perfectionists

For you, your biggest challenge is to start the process of feeling comfortable and wrapping your mind around feeling prepared. You can do that by carrying a notebook with you to jot down ideas as they come leading up to the due date or you could do the purge approach and literally type out every single thought that comes to mind. Even if the thoughts that come to mind are more or less, “I don’t know what to say” or “I’m staying at a blank screen right now.” Type exactly that. Type exactly every single thought that comes to your mind as soon as it comes to your mind just to get your fingers moving.

After a while, you will find that you will become more relaxed and you will notice your ideas start to flow out bit by bit. You might even try starting with typing “basically what I’m trying to say is…” and finish the thought by typing whatever else comes next. Then keep typing and typing and typing whatever thoughts come out. I called this more of a purge approach to get the jitters out.

You can always go back and edit later.

Moving through feelings of overwhelm

Some forms of writer’s block stems from feelings of overwhelm because the process feels too hard. These people usually deal with a serious case of procrastination and have to force themselves to “sit down to write” because the task feels too difficult.

If you feel like writing is hard, then you have to mentally wrap your mind around accepting the task at hand rather than fearing or resisting it. You have to mentally wrap your mind around getting into the zone of this particular project leading up to the due date. But if you’re in a time crunch, you can ease your mind around the subject by watching programs around the genre, talking to people about the topic or reading about it for additional research and to get your juices flowing. For you, your solution is as simple as prepping your mind for the project with more information about it prior to ever writing the first bit of it. You will feel more confident when you do a bit of “quick” research until you have an idea spark to start framing your talking points.

How to Overcome Procrastination When the Task Feels Too Difficult

If the actual action of writing is what feels the most difficult, there are a number of ways to get around that. You can start by journaling your inspired thoughts or you could open up a document and record a voice note that can be transcribed.

What I personally like to do is to open up a Google doc from my phone and hit the mic button to record a voice note that Google doc will transcribe for me as I speak. This is what I do when I am on the go, when I am playing with my daughter, or when I am cleaning up the house but have an idea that I desire to jot down right away.

As you can see, it’s easy to overcome writer’s block once you understand the cause and use these tips to work through the stuck energy you may be feeling.

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About the author:

Hi, I’m Jasmine – copywriter and certified Content Marketing Strategist. For over 8 years, I’ve been helping businesses create content that's clear and true to their authentic voice, helps them gain visibility, attracts their ideal clients, and grows their business!

I realized in my own business (and with my clients), the right words meshed with the right systems can be a game-changer.

That's why I teach people how to have freedom in their business by leveraging content and their brand's messaging to attract their most valuable payers (without losing themselves, sleep, or sanity). Learn more.


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