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How to find your target audience

So you’ve come up with content. In fact, you’ve been working on it for months. But now that you’ve finally put it out into the world, you don’t feel like it’s performing as well as it should. Maybe a few people are showing up and engaging with your posts or maybe offering encouragement, but nothing’s actually translating into sales outside of your network of friends and family --- IF they support your business at all.

You’re wondering, what’s the deal?

When you believe in the work you do, know who you want to work with, and who could benefit from what you have to offer, but deep down you know the content you’ve created doesn’t scream, “This is the person I want to work with!”... and something's telling you it’s because you haven’t nailed down your target audience.

So if you want to learn how to find your target audience and begin attracting them through your copywriting and marketing so you can grow your business, then take note of the following tips to help you get past this hump and fill some holes in your foundation.

Brainstorm your audience.

While right now you may not feel like you’ve got a good grasp on who your target audience is or where to find them, chances are you do have some idea of who you *think* they might be in general. When you started your idea, who did you already have in mind to work with? What persona did you imagine? Was it someone similar to you who you want to feel the way you now feel or overcome something you’ve mastered? Go back to the drawing boards of who you wanted to support when you first started your idea and begin listing the characteristics of what makes them, them.

Validate your understanding of their problems.

Once you have some idea of who you want to work with, next it’s important to start talking to people who fit the criteria. This is an important step for two reasons: to validate your understanding of the problem and to validate your potential solution. Think of who you know in real life who might be a good fit. Then talk to them about your idea not to sell to them, but instead for research purposes only. For example, if you have a finance company, is there someone you know who’s struggling with money management? Have an open dialogue conversation in person, over the phone, or through an exchange of messages in order to validate your understanding of the problem and validate your idea for a potential solution.

Take notes.

When talking to your audience, that step is called “market research”. Anytime you do market research, it’s always best to take notes. Record verbatim the way they are communicating their problems and what’s coming up for them. Listening more than you speak is good customer service and it’s also the best way to truthfully discover if what you have to offer is even a good fit for them. You learn by listening. Ask the right questions and genuinely get to know what’s going on with them, what challenges they’re faced with, and what problems they’re looking to solve. Then only if it makes sense, present a solution.

As you can see, when trying to discover who your target audience is, it’s really a series of trial and error. Get to know who you think may be a good fit, listen more than you speak, take notes, and ask the right questions to validate your understanding of the problem to see if you have the best fit solution.

Once you unlock your level of understanding and find your target audience, the way you do business and make sales gets easier and easier over time.

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