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How to find motivation for content planning

Let me guess. You need to post something today on social media or send out an email to your list. You actually need something to post for the next few days (and month really), but if you could just start off with posting at least SOMETHING today just to get by then that would be great.

But there’s one problem. You have a million and one other things on your plate and on your mind that you need to sort out first before you can even think about creating content to market your business. Or maybe you’re just feeling unmotivated because you don’t know where to start or where to focus, and the thought of it all is leaving you stuck. Then what do you do?

Well, you’re in luck.

Today, I'm going to walk you through step by step what you can do to motivate you and get the ball moving so you can stay ahead of your content creation and planning process.

If you know your social media needs to be talked to, but you don’t have any content planned out that you can post, then use these tips below so you can stay ahead of your content planning.

Write out your to do’s.

If you have a million and one things on your mind, then the first thing you need to do is to get it out of your head by writing everything out on a list. Write down all the tasks you feel needs your attention. Afterward, prioritize. Decide what you would love to end the week having accomplished. Decide what 2 or 3 things you would ideally be pleased with if you ended the day having accomplished those tasks.

By narrowing your focus to a few tasks every day that will take priority, you are taking back control of what you can do and increasing your likelihood of being able to get stuff done. Also by writing a list, you can see what tasks might be better if it was off your plate and left for someone else to get done for you.

Break up with distractions.

After you've picked out the 2 or 3 tasks you are making a priority today, also think with foresight what might happen to prevent you from completing the tasks. What normally might distract you or throw you off your game? What normally prevents you from being able to plan out your content? Is it a needy child? Are you usually a victim of the YouTube or Facebook rabbit hole where you end up scrolling for an hour? Or do you tend to simply forget?

Write out what obstacles you might face that could distract you away from your goal of content planning. Then write out what you will do in the event that you are met with each obstacle.

Breakdown your tasks into smaller action steps.

Inch by inch and everything’s a cinch. Rather than focusing so much on the big picture, think about your goals in terms of the smaller action steps you can control that ultimately empower you to hit the bigger goal you have in mind. For example, if you have it in your mind to create a YouTube video, but you know before you can record, you will need your makeup done, a mic, tripod, and lighting, etc. then create a designated space where you can have everything already set up and in place so all you will have to do is press record.

The same can be true for when creating a blog post or creating content for social media for example. Before creating content, you’ll normally need your ideas, something to write with, and something to write on in order to complete the task. You might also need images to pair with the content you create. To help you close the gap so you can create the blog posts or social media posts on the spot, you can have a designated writing corner or space already set up for whenever you sit down to write. If you’re writing on a computer, you can also already have Microsoft Word or Google Doc already open and ready for you to type out your thoughts. If you're waiting on pictures, you can gather up all the photos you might need so that they're ready to go and so that's no longer an obstacle standing in your way.

Create the space.

It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you plan for failure. If you want to stay ahead of content creation and content planning, then you must create the space in your mind, schedule, and day in order to allow that to happen. For example, just like if you want to commit to working out in the mornings, you might go to sleep in your workout clothes. If you want to plan ahead so that you have posts going out every day on social media, then you have to decide at what time every week or month you will create your content.

You can’t expect your day to magically be open for you to cross content planning off your list. You have to make the task a priority in your day by setting aside the time for your content creation and planning. Get out your calendar right now and pick a day or time frame for when you will create content. Block off an hour or two to get your content done, and make a decision that whatever you get done in those couple of hours is whatever you get done.

Because the truth is, sometimes motivation doesn’t come. So if you have been waiting on motivation so you can create content and stay ahead of your content creation and planning, then that is why you have been inconsistent. Motivation is inconsistent. When motivation fails, rely on the systems you have in place to carry you through to being set up for success online.

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About the author:

Hi, it's Jasmine – Copywriter and certified Content Marketing Strategist. For over 8 years, I’ve been helping businesses create content that's clear and true to their authentic voice, helps them gain visibility, attracts their ideal clients, and grows their business!

I realized in my own business (and with my clients), the right words meshed with the right systems can be a game-changer.

That's why I teach people how to have freedom in their business by leveraging content and their brand's messaging to attract their most valuable payers (without losing themselves, sleep, or sanity). Learn more.


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