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Do’s and don’ts when you’ve gone long periods without posting

Have you been going for long periods without posting? Haven’t posted in a while on your social media, email, or blog? What about your podcast, YouTube, a group, or whatever else you started and then stopped?

When things get too overwhelming, life happens, or when you get too much in your head about what to share, here’s what you can do to avoid going for long periods of time without posting.

Don’t focus so much on the image.

Sometimes if we’re focused too much on our image, it can cause us to go for longer periods of time without posting. Maybe we’re focused on not having the best picture to match the aesthetic of our Instagram feed, not having a graphic designed at all, or not looking presentable enough to go live and share our inspired message.

If this is the case, DO remember something is always better than nothing, and done is better than perfect. If you want to avoid being paralyzed from posting in the future, you can try batching out your photos so you build a library that you can always pull images from when you need it going forward. Or you can also cut corners if you’re not wanting to show your face live by getting creative with the visuals, slapping on a filter, or by just getting the message out by recording your voice only in an audio message that can be posted.

Keep in mind, unless you’re a photographer, chances are the people who are following you are likely following you for who you are or what you’re about more so than they are following you for the image you put out. And if you are in the photography business (or a business where people are following you for your image) and you’re still struggling in this area, repost an oldie but goodie and keep it moving.

Don’t make it so much about you.

Sometimes the reason for not posting isn’t so much about what pictures we have or don’t have, sometimes the reason why we skip out on posting is that we’re too in our heads about what people would think about us if we say what we really want to say or we’re overthinking about how much or how little of our stories or lives we should share. When this happens, it’s a telltale sign that we aren’t focused on the right things, and the “right” thing is our ideal clients.

When you have an online business, we DO need to focus more on them and the problem we are solving and less on ourselves in our messaging. If we are instead focused on who we feel called to serve, then our concerns over the messaging we put out shifts to be less about oversharing and more about what will help my perfect fit people? And what do they need to hear or have right now? Good customer service is centered around giving people what they want and need irrespective of what’s going on with you.

Keep it professional and keep the messaging centered around who you are here to serve and how you do that through your business.

Don’t go about things alone.

Sometimes we aren’t posting because we simply don’t have enough time in a day to tackle everything we need to do on our list. Maybe we don’t have a problem coming up with content when we actually sit ourselves down to write, we just failed at being consistent because there are other things in our lives or business that we’ve been saying yes to that should really be a no and things we are saying no to that should really be a yes.

If this is the case for you, DO ask for what you really want. Ask for the help you need or the income you need. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of being overworked or underpaid when we take on more than we want to handle and more than we can actually handle on our own. Because the truth is when you go for long periods of time without posting, you are leaving money on the table because every day somebody is waking up wanting and needing what you have to offer. If you aren’t showing up on your platforms consistently or have been going for long periods of time without posting, it’s possible that you aren’t remaining top of mind and your ideal clients are going to someone else for the business.

So if you have been making it about you, here’s a reality check to help you get out of your head and onto your grind and legacy. Sometimes if we’re focused too much on ourselves, it can cause us to go for longer periods of time without posting and as a result, we miss out on sales. Whether you’ve failed to post because of image, words, or whatever’s going on outside of work, going forward keep your ideal clients in mind. While I do believe in maintaining a healthy balance in life and business, try not to make whether or not your company will show up online today about what’s going on with you personally or emotionally.

Make sure the mission of your business is still being carried out for the people who are waking up every day needing what you or your company have to offer.

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