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Content? Sales? Marketing? Oh my!


Have you've been going too long without making your first (or ideal) sales? Starting to compare yourself to your peers because you aren’t where they are right now in business -- even though you may have started around the same time or they may not be as experienced as you? Feel like you’ve tried it all and ready to get moving in the right direction asap to turn your expensive hobby into a functional business before you have to throw in the towel?


Get the one on one "done with you" support and strategy to solve a pressing content, sales, or marketing problem in your business, clean up your foundation, and get set up for success online.


Don't go into another week, month, or year missing some very important marketing and sales fundamentals.


Use your 90-min. consultation to get personalized "done with you" support to:
Know the difference between marketing activities and sales-generating activities. It’s not enough to just focus on doing the busy work or simply talk/post about “the what”. I'll show you how to ask for the sale, how to exchange value for value, and the action steps that actually work.

Have a clear content or sales process mapped out from start to finish. If you've been getting inquiries for a while with no one biting the bait, I'll show you how to make sure you're calling in the right people and map out an easy to follow sales process to take your perfect-fit people through in order to secure the bag quicker, sooner, and faster. 

Don’t let the stigmas or icky feelings around asking for the sale get in the way of you growing your business. I get it. Sometimes you don’t want to come across pushy or too "salesy". The good news is you can make sales without feeling icky about it. There’s a way to be yourself while still getting what you deserve of the exchange.


There is plenty of money out here for all of us. Book a 90-min. consultation so you can learn actionable steps to get your engine going and start building a profitable business today.



This 90-min. consultation is for you if:

  • You already have something you can sell that you believe in.
  • You feel like a big piece you’re missing is figuring out how to get it in front of the right people who would be willing to pay you your worth.
  • You don't know what to say in your marketing to sign on your next client.
  • You’re pumping your own money into your business, and know it’s time start getting back a return on your investments.
  • You keep running into people who are liking what you’re posting and commenting with their support, but no one’s actually turning into a sale or paid customer.
  • You’re ready to seeing some real results quickly so you can feel more confident about your business.
  • You might have even had people reaching out to get started, said yes, and you’ve probably done some work for them upfront, but now that it’s time for them to pay, they go ghost and ignore you. Let’s put a stop to this madness.


Listen, my heart is to help you win, which is why I'm giving you the actionable steps you need to grow your business. 


Stop running around not knowing what to do or what to say in your marketing.


Get the steps you need to turn things around for the better, get a quick win by making your first sale, and get the confidence boost you need to supercharge your business! 


I believe in you. Schedule a 90-min. consultation today. Let's do this!




Jasmine York Ball is an award-winning journalist, author, editor-in-chief, and certified Content Marketing Strategist. For over 7 years, she's been helping businesses turn their all-over-the-place ideas into content that connects, converts, and grows their business. 


I realized in my own business (and with my clients), the right words meshed with the right systems can be a game-changer. 


That's why I teach people how to create more freedom in their business and get copy that converts so they can grow -- without losing themselves, sleep, or sanity in the process!


I skyrocketed my side-hustle in 2018, and in just 3 short months was able to transition out of my cozy marketing job in corporate America to be my own boss. Now, I’ve more than doubled what I used to make at my 9 to 5 -- without working nearly as many hours. (So yeah, it can happen that fast with the right information and by taking the right action steps consistently).


As a result of working with me, whether you want to DIY or get it done for you, I make it my business to help you save time, gain freedom, and get the peace of mind you need to focus more of your energy on the other areas of your life and business that matter most.

1-on-1 Business Consulting Session (60-mins.)

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