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Pricing for Copywriting Services

Get "done for you" copywriting and content marketing solutions to help grow your business. Rates vary depending on business needs and goals. Factors that contribute to an increase or decrease in pricing for copywriting services include, but are not limited to: project type, content type, quantity, and frequency to name a few.

I have streamlined the process to help us (both) maximize our time. If interested in getting a specific number of services done (e.g. 6 website pages, 4 email campaigns, 3 blog posts, etc.), it is recommended to request a quote in order to receive the best value through a package.

The rates listed below are samples of the most popular packages to give you some idea of what type of investment and options you can expect based upon your needs.

Fishing Float

A la carte Content

Recommended for those needing "done for you" copywriting for smaller projects.

Got a pressing content need? Running short on time or tired of DIY and doing it wrong? Piecemeal your way to getting the content you need when you need it.


How does it work?


  1. Request a copy of our a la carte rate sheet.

  2. Select the services you need based on the content type(s) you desire at this time.

  3. Submit your payment.

  4. After enrollment, get a link to take a Voice Personality Quiz & schedule a 30-min. Brainstorming Session.

  5. 2 Weeks later get an email notifying you that your content is now ready for review.

  6. Let us know if it's approved or we can bounce back and forth with revisions, if necessary.


And boom. That's it. Content "done for you".

*Project minimum for a la carte services is $500.*


Ask us about the services we have available and how to save when you get more than 1 piece of content done at once. 

Request a full rate sheet of services available with this a la carte option.

OR continue below to request a quote.

Starting at:


Fishing Float

All-Inclusive Content for Website & Beyond Package

Recommended for beginners looking to get set up for success online.

An all-inclusive content and marketing solution to help you clean up your foundation and get you set up for success online.



Evergreen Content for the following.

  • Content for 4 website pages

  • 3 Blog Posts 

  • 3-part Email sequence 

  • 30 social media posts 


Over $3000+ value. Available for $2500 pay in full or 2 installments of $1250 or 3 installments of $833.


Turnaround time: Content ready for review within 2 weeks after scheduled brainstorming session.


If payment plan, project will be divided into milestones and delivered after each receipt of payment.



Request a quote if your desired number of pages and posts differ from the counts mentioned above.

Or click here to learn "How It Works' and to get started.



Fishing Float

Content for the Quarter Package

Recommended if looking for ongoing copywriting and content writing support.

Have varying content needs from month to month? Got a process and a plan, but just need the right set of hands to help bring what you've envisioned to life?


This "done for you" content package is for the high-achieving entrepreneur who is ready to offload the responsibility of creating content consistently for social media, email, blogs, sales pages, etc., and instead collapse time and achieve more time freedom, ease, and flow to grow your business.


Use this option to stay ahead of content planning and creation, keep your social media and email list talked to and nurtured, and have that sales page "done for you" when you're ready to launch  -- without losing yourself, sleep, or sanity in the process.


This package is designed to help you pump out the client-attractive content you need so you can keep your business running even on the days when you're too busy servicing clients, enjoying a holiday, or life happens... because it will, but you'll be ready.

Apply now to find out if this option is right for you. Enrollment is by application only.


And yes. Installment plans are available.

Quarterly rate:


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