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Getting the help you need, when you need it just got easier. Feeling stretched thin when it comes to creating new content for your business? Know you need to be more consistent, but running short on time trying to do all the things yourself (emails, social media, blog posts, etc., etc.)? Ready to focus on serving your clients rather than spinning your wheels every day trying to come up with what to say in your marketing to sign on your next customer?


Get the “done WITH you” content support you need to free up more of your time and thrive in business – without losing yourself, sleep, or sanity in the process!


With the DIY Website Copy (Template and Writing Prompts), you'll get: 


  • A 90-min. BRAINSTORMING session that's recorded over Zoom to build clarity around your business, vision, voice, goals, ideal clients, and offers. (You'll get a copy of this recording.)
  • Instructions on where and how to use the content we discuss during the Brainstorming Zoom session.
  • A downloadable workbook to build out your ideal client profile and get your website copy template and writing prompts for the Home Page, About Us Page, and Sales Page.  



How does it work?


  1. Select the package that works best for you at this time.
  2. Press play by submitting your payment to Get Started.
  3. You will get an instant download to view your workbook with the templates and writing prompts. You will also get a welcome packet with the next steps – like scheduling our Brainstorming Session, where we’ll get all the missing pieces needed to complete your project.
  4. And that’s it. Make your DIY Website content done.



If you have any questions or need additional help deciding which package may be right for you, book a free consultation at

DIY Website Copy (Template and Writing Prompts)

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